Blog Post #10: Final Video

My partner and I did a short video on the ideal concept of why people lift and workout. It goes over why some people do it and why it is important to them overall. The one thing that I liked most about it, was that I got to feel almost like a movie producer in the sense I making a video about something. A lot of people have never done such a thing and to say that I have made some sort of a video is pretty awesome.

The one thing that I found myself doing was comparing it to other videos that I have seen people do and think to myself, this is terrible compared to theirs but obviously they had the same struggles with their first videos. It was nice to see from our live speakers the transformation in how they developed their videos, compared to good ones they make today.

It surprised me that it wasn’t as difficult to get some of the shots that I wanted, I just had to work and figure different ways to get what we wanted. Also the biggest thing I wish was that fact I had more experience with filming and getting the right shots for different things.

I see this as only the beginning of video making because it was fun and sometimes you just always have that idea of making a video with your friends or family. This gave me the  opportunity to actually have somewhat of an idea of creating a video now.

You can view the video here

Blog Post 9: Tweeting a Live Event

The name of the game, as in the assignment, was to go to an event and simply live tweet what was taking place when you were their. The event that I did was the Cowgirls basketball game against Colorado University.

The thing that I enjoyed most about it was, I felt as if a had a huge crowd following me, waiting for the next tweet to see how the game was shaping up. When in reality it was only a few, as I just got an account for this a few weeks ago. The one thing that really displeased me was the fact that when I had to look down to tweet, I would sometimes miss an important play or a big basket.

The one thing I will take away from this, is the fact that when you are making a tweet, I found myself wanting to make it sound as best as possible, so I would find myself going back and deleting what I first said because I didn’t think it was good. It surprised me actually how emotional it seemed if you were not actually their and just following the live tweet.

I wish it wasn’t a sporting event to be honest, because I found myself wanting to watch the game more then looking and typing on my phone the whole time. I see this as a way to get small amounts of information across to my follows but I don’t live tweets would work the best for me.

SoundSlides and why people come here

The assignment that we took on this time my partner and I wanted to see why some students decided on attending the university over other schools.  We thought it would be a fun time to get inside people’s heads and see what they liked so much about the school. We got some students that actually transferred here which shows that they their old school seemed to not fit them and that this was better for them.

I felt that it went well with Ashlyn and I, because she came to school here from another state and I stayed here as I am from Wyoming. It was fun collecting the audio because some people didn’t expect the questions that we had for them and again being able to snap some photos is always fun to see your creative side with what you see.  Although it did prove difficult for us to actually put together the audio and pictures, as we were not familiar with the program and had some technical difficulties.

The audio editing after the last few assignments came at ease and again found myself wanting perfection with the sound being perfect but sometimes that is out of your control. So when I finally got the hang of soundslides, it was a breeze to put the two together.

The one thing I wish I could change was although the audio was cleaner this time, again I wish I had a recorder that was much more then a phone. Also, I wish I could have separated the titles of the slides and the information on who is speaking. That way it is not cluttered on the bottom of the scene.

If I could change anything with this, I would want to be able to fade the pictures in and out cleaner, making more a cleaner transition from slide to slide. Other then that I liked working with this program, it was fun being able to put my first video together with audio.

To listen to our soundslide click this link:

Final Audio

I enjoyed my audio editing experience. I have used different programs in the past they have more options available but this is still not a bad program because it has all the necesssary tools that you need. I was able to break down the audio to the smallest from so I could really cut out the sounds that I didn’t want. That way I didn’t have to fade out to much but some audio was harder then I thought to cut. I was really trying to get a naturel interview that way it didn’t seem to fake for the audience to listen to and hopefully I was able to get that.

The biggest thing I learned, and well from any project whether it be photos or audio, is that it takes time and patience especially. I found that I would second guess myself more then once and have to hit the undo button many times. Which I now know and believe from what Dr. Mike Brown said,” Undo will be your best friend.” Which it was because it let you go back and save what you may have ruined.

I really enjoyed the fact I got to really break down the audio and fit it the way I want it to go but that always made me almost lose my mind on a couple pieces because it was such a small cut, it was difficult to make. I found myself trying to make them to really bring the clearity out but when it didn’t really need it.  That really didn’t surprise me as much as most people think because I have dealt with similar cutting pieces out. Not interviews but more music which is also difficult in places.

The biggest thing I wish I could have done was have a completely full proof, no echo, silenced room but that does not exist within my capabilities but other then that maybe just a better recorded, to really cover the aspects of the voice. I also feel like no one ever likes the sound of their own voice on a recording, so when we cut it, we found that we wanted to just get rid of the whole thing and do it over again.

Beginning Audio Recording

Interviewing Ashlyn Mazur, was something different from what I am use to doing in communication. I have never done a one on one interview with someone; I am use to interviewing a group of people. It was something that I had to really focus on being able to take the time and prepare for with questions from only one feedback source. I tried to be non-responsive as possible because sometimes when you are interviewing the person, you feel the need to say or give some sort of response.

When I was the one being interviewed, I felt like when you are being as the question you could come with an awesome response but then right when you are done, have something even better or want to add something that you forgot. The biggest thing I learned, is when asking a question , you have to make sure it is clear cut and easily understandable by the person who is about to respond. That way you don’t leave them speechless or not being able to fully answer the question.

I would say the part I liked about this the most, is getting the experience to interview someone one on one and knowing that you are getting one input, instead of multiple if you did a group of people. The one thing I did not enjoy, is I feel like I am answering the questions smoothly but can start to get ahead of myself.

The one is being able to use a audio recorder that was more advanced than a simple cell phone. Even though it was not too bad, I would still like to be able to pick up a clearer sound. Also I tried to select the best possible spot to record and felt like it still had some echo in the background.  Overall I would say I was more positive about it then I felt like before it taking place.

Photos with a twist

This assignment allowed us a little more freedom, as we were allowed to do editing this time. Even though I did try to focus on the raw nature of most of the photos, I still liked that I could add a little extra something to really bring out another side of the photo.

Photo 1: Settling Snow

After a massive early fall snow storm hit Laramie, you can see how it settles in with the rest as nature, as if it is one. But, already the sun is out and ready to heat up the earth again.

After we got around a half a foot of early snow, I wanted to be able to capture the after math and what it left in nature. I used some image adjustments to bring down the color of the trees so it could really bring out the shine from the sun hitting the snow. The funniest part about snow in Wyoming, you can get away with still wearing shorts and people don’t think you’re crazy.

Photo 2: Quarterback on the Fly

QB Running
Quarterback Kaylee Hoffmen, of team Bashin’ Gash, rolls out to left to avoid an opponent reaching for her flags. Team Bashin’ Gash won the Coed Rec A League, in what seemed like an easy fashion.

I had actually a lot of fun trying to take sports action photos, even though you when you see a good one coming, you have to be completely ready or you will see it literally in a blur. I used editing to focus on to on the quarterback and contrast to wash away the other people in the photo. Although it’s not as blurry as the few I took before, not a lot of editing was done.

Photo 3: Old Fashion Stadium

War Memorial stadium, better known as “The War” sits quiet in the night, as the light’s illuminate the beams. This coming weekend is home coming for the University of Wyoming.

After figuring out that taking pictures in the dark was hard, I really wanted to take on this time and use black and white to really bring out the lights in an object. I think it worked perfectly because I had to wait at the right moment with the sun setting in the background. I drive by War Memorial it seems like everyday and have wanted to take a interesting photo of it.

Photo 4:Layers of Sky

As the sun sets in the background, you can see the old cloud coverage about to get engulfed by the new, bigger cloud formation.

This shot brings viewpoint and color contrast to life. I used the contrast to really show the depth and darkness of the clouds over head, bringing down the lights in the lower half. Other then that, I didn’t do to much, even though I wanted bring down all the colors, you wouldn’t have got to see the true beauty.

Photo 5: Sun Creeping

In the midst of the trees blocking out the sun, there is only so much they can do before light (sun) finds a twisting path through.

When I was walking on campus, I noticed that there seems to be too many trees to count and that they cast great shadows over you. When I took a turn, I noticed that even though it seems like their is a million trees, you can see spot the sun. This is a great example of viewpoint and color, with the leaves coming to life.

Overall I really enjoyed this assignment because it gave you a little more freedom to slightly can images to better bring out different qualities you didn’t have with your camera. I seem to really enjoy the nature photos more then ones with people in them because I think it’s a side people don’t take advantage of as much. Plus I feel like some people like to draw attention, where as nature and objects sit still waiting for something to happen. Again phone cameras work but not as much as a higher quality camera but it still can do the job.

Creative Pictures In Real Life

A student rides off after a long day on campus.

Photo #1: Rider into the Distance

This shoot I took is one of the few streets to go between the buildings on campus. The idea of the dominant creative device here is framing. The way the buildings surround and enclose the road, letting a little of the sky in between in the background giving the picture depth, but also how is it guides the rider in right direction with the use of lines. There is also  viewpoint, in how the rider travels off in the near distance.

Big Sky
The swirl of clouds start to form on a once blank blue sky.

Photo #2: Big Blue Sky

I was driving up onto a hill and noticed the extreme difference between the land below and the sky above. I took the photo in a upward direction to better capture the depth of the sky, which is the dominant idea in this photo. The sky and clouds really brings out the photo, but I fear that the rest is not as strong as it could have been.

A flower shows it last true color after live in a jar.

Photo #3: Aging Sunflower

This is a shot of a sunflower that is starting to wilt after a long life, but what is most dominant about this creative device is texture. The anther (center of the flower) is defined with how the leafs  are starting to wrinkle and shrink, but also creating a frame for the anther. The leafs create a contrast of color for the shot I think is most effective, along  with a little bit of background. Since I wanted to focus on one flower, the close up made this very effective.

A rabbit stands frozen for fear of becoming a part of the food chain.

Photo # 4:  Frozen Rabbit

I was walking out of my house and noticed this little guy trying not to draw attention, so I wanted to take a quick shot before he darted off. I used compositional cropping for this shot because the leaves really bring out the background with the color and there is a car cover in  the background that is a distraction. There is still a piece of the cover in the corner but I believe the fact the rabbit is still brings out the point where the distraction is lesser, also if I could get on the ground without the rabbit moving it would help.

When the sun start peeking through, you could see it shine again.


Photo #5: Sunlight Reflection

This shot of the sun peeking through the clouds and still make a reflection uses a dominant device of contrast. The reflection is off the top of my car and creates a effective dynamic for the sun and the background with its color. I also thought viewpoint separates the foreground (darker) and the background (lighter) creating a better depth for the shot.

This assignment really made me really open my eyes in how you see a shot through a camera. It made me want to take the absolute perfect picture with what I had but, with time I learned that creativity is the main idea. I had trouble with indoor shots and outdoor seemed to be clear cut. I had a few other photos I took for this but saw some flaws after really looking at them for greater depth. Overall with just using a phone, I thought this turned out good, but if a camera become availably I would use that too.


Tailgating: Bringing A Community Together

Courtesy of Wyoming Official Athletics Site

That time of year…

People start to get the sense they know that summer is over when students start to make their way back to school. Especially if, you are indeed a student yourself, you start to realize all your free time has come and gone just like the seasons of the year.

There is one thing that people do seem to linger on and that is grilling and what better way to combine it with the start of the football season. It start’s up at every major college in the country but it’s not the same as summer.

So in turn tailgating was proclaimed the proper term for this event, so it could let people know what you are really doing when you take off all of saturday to cook and be with your closet friends.

Mike Grzybowski, an add vide tailgater, has been attending football games and tailgating for more years then he can remember.

“Tailgating has been such a big part of the pre-game tradition in football that I can’t imagine how games go without it said Grzybowski. Some of the reason why people come to the games is what takes place before the game actually starts. It really gets the people going even if you’re not going to the game; just the environment itself makes for a fun time”.

Bringing people together

In tailgating, it’s all about the people around you. You have to have the same people with the same passion for it or why else would they be there. Wyoming offers for its fans a comfortable place to start the game at Pepsi’s Tailgate Park which offers a safe haven for the somewhat beginners of tailgating, having pre set-up features for fans a few hours before the game.

Now if this is not your first rodeo, tailgaters move to a different section where the real tailgating was formed, and that’s in the back of cars or trucks in the parking lots of the stadium multiple hours and even days before the game starts. Often a place of consisnt screaming, cheering, eating, and well drinking.

“People come with different mind sets before the game said Grzybowski. For me I like to eat the delicious food’s, have a couple of drinks, and definitely socialize, but I have noticed in some of the younger crowd’s people go beyond the point of a couple drinks and don’t even make the game. This for them is there loss”.

Do’s and Don’ts

It comes without being told that the general idea behind tailgating is eating and drinking but there are a few things that go beyond that measure to make people’s experiences better. Many different people have incorperated a variety of games, challenges, and just plain friendly competition. Whether it be cooking the best food or drinking your drink the fastest, they sometimes come at unexpected times.

“I have been doing the same thing for the last 15ish years said Brad Jackson. I have an area set up for different things such as food here, games there. You always have to have a variety, that way everyone from young to old can get involved instead of just one part”.

Family Environment

In end, the purpose of tailgating is about getting everyone together to cheer on your team and have fun for everyone. Whether it be eating a delicious hot dog or tossing around a football. There is always something for everyone to take part in, it just depends on the site you are at.

It seems that there is almost an even split between the older and younger generations because it’s something everyone enjoys.

“When I was going to school, my buddies and I were able to get away with more of the drinking part of tailgating said Jackson. But now since I have the little ones running around, I incorporated more things for all ages. It wouldn’t be the same if my family wasn’t around, otherwise I would feel like I was in college again”.

Photo Courtesy of Wyoming Official Athletic Site

For a better/humorous idea on how to tailgate the proper way, here is an inside look on how the guys on MTV’s Guy Code break it down.

What News I Consume

Think, if you were lost in the woods and needed some sort of tool to help guide you out, that’s the relationship news and I have had all my life. Not that I actually get lost a lot but in the sense this something that I seem to rely on heavily for. Real world news today to me is so depressing and even though I should be more concerned with today’s issues, I tend to look at more sports related things such as football, basketball, and baseball.

Since I do pull up my browser the only “real” news I get is what I see on my homepage which is nbcnews. This allows me to on top of a view current events but tend to stay away from the political things but that’s just me.

The places that I like to take in daily are places such as Sports Illustrated or ESPN. These take up about 99% of my news viewing and would rather have it at 100 but then I would be completely out of the loop of the world.

The reason be I view so much sports news, is again what I said early, real life news is so depressing. When you see crimes committed and horror stories all the time (because that’s what the viewers want) it seems to me that it’s almost predictable and I could be viewing things that are enjoyable to me. Which sports are such a big part of the world, the places I go give out extremely credible sports news world-wide.


The fact that I think sports is news, shows that it is a topic that is covered and talked about by other people. Every aspect is generally covered which then turns into the arguments that people have about sports because they support maybe another team or player.

I think definitely I could make a huge improvement on my news intake and “real world” issues could and should be viewed a lot more. Due to the fact I am a COJO major, I need to know what’s going on and be able to talk about different subjects to better my communication ability.